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Vitamin-E Supplement

X4 Labs™ Vitamin- E Boost Pills (6 Month Supply, 180 Pills)

One of the most popular doctor recommended methods to alleviate penile curvature is using high dosages of Vitamin E. X4 Labs™ has worked closely with nutraceutical development teams to provide you with the highest and purest levels of Vitamin E, in powerful gel capsule. X4 Labs™ Vitamin E Boost helps to remove and reduce scar tissue, subsequently correcting penile curvature.

No other Vitamin E formula is as powerful as Vitamin E Boost, which is designed to be absorbed into the body. Our special formula is to be used alongside an X4 Labs™ Penis Extender for the best results, however; it can be used alone to correct penile curvature.

You get a full 6 month supply of:

  • X4 Labs™ Vitamin-E Boost Supplement (180 pill count)

The perfect compliment to your X4 Labs™ Penis Extender regimen.