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X4 Labs™ Penis Extender

Peyronies Ultimate Edition

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Why Choose the Peyronies Ultimate Edition Penis Extender?

If you are looking for the ultimate Peyronie's Disease treatment package, one that includes everything you need and tons of extras that will help you achieve the fastest straightening results, look no further. You get not one, but two devices, one in White, the other in Blue and both with gold plated trims. Two carrying cases for when you are on the go that double as storage cases. Also included is a Penis Pump and 12 months Vitamin E Boost Supplements to bolster your results for a whole year!

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The Peyronies Ultimate Edition Includes:

Blue and Gold Ultimate Edition Penis Extender • White and Gold Ultimate Edition Penis Extender • Blue Hybrid Support Piece • Blue Quad Support Piece • Blue Standard Base • Blue Wide Girth Base • White Hybrid Support Piece • White Quad Support Piece • White Standard Base • White Wide Girth Base • 4200 Gram Tension Springs • 12 Months Vitamin E Supplements • Supplements • Two Blue Anniversary Storage Cases • 8 Adjustable Comfort Straps • 8 Silicone Tube Harnesses • 4 Ultra-Fit Velcro Straps • 10 Anti-Bacterial Short Memory Foam Pads • 10 Anti-Bacterial Long Memory Foam Pads • Two Full Set of Gold Elongation Bars • X4 Labs Penis Pump • Extender Cleansing Spray • Penile Traction Lubricant • 12 Cleansing Wipes • X4 Labs $50 OFF Gift Voucher • Lifetime Device Warranty • PenisAccess DVD & Membership • X4 Labs Instruction Manual

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X4 Labs™ unique triple option fastener design ensures that all men, both circumcised and uncircumcised, can experience the same comfortable penis enlargement and straightening!

Experience the ultimate penis straightening with the X4 Labs Peyronies Ultimate Edition Penis Extender!

The Peyronies Ultimate Edition is the most comprehensive and effective penis straightening package ever assembled. Simply put, there has never been a faster or more effective surgery-free way to treat penile curvature. It includes all the innovations that have made X4 Labs the world’s most trusted Penis Extender brand and tons of extras. Two fully functional Penis Extenders, two Limited Edition Storage Cases, Vitamin E Boost Supplements, the InifniteFit Quad Support System, the Wide Girth Base and so much more!

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The X4 Labs Penis Pump Can Help You Along by Using it After Your Therapy Sessions

Why should you have to choose between traction and vacuum therapy? With the X4 Labs Patriot Gold Edition you don’t have to. Don’t settle for just one method of treatment, use this high-quality penis pump to top-off your therapy sessions.

Actual Penis Pump included may be of higher retail value.

- - -

All Three Types of Fasteners and Plenty of Anti-Bacterial Memory Foam Pads to Ensure Comfort

Included are Comfort Straps, Silicone Tubes and UltraFit Velcro Strips to allow you to wear your device the way you want to.

Many Revolutionary Options and Upgrades are Included

The InfiniteFit Support System Allows for Ultimate Customization

This Penis Extender supports Double Comfort Straps, Double Velcro Straps, Double Silicone Tubes and any combination of them you choose. Included with each support in both red and blue.

- - -

Store Your Devices and Enlarge on the Go with Two Limited Edition Cases

You get so much with the Peyronies Ultimate Edition that we had to include not one, but two X4 Labs™ storage cases. Each case is custom built to carry your device as well as all the add-ons included to help you keep up with your penis enlargement routine and ensure you are able to wear your Penis Extender whenever you choose and store it away neatly in between penile traction therapy sessions.

- - -

Customize and Configure Your Device to Perfection with the Mini Quad Extender Support and Wide Girth Extender Base in Both White and Blue

Our Mini Quad Extender Support is designed specifically to fit penises as low as one inch in length. The Wide Girth Extender Base is designed to fit penile girths of up to 7 inches. Both are included in white and blue. That means you can start enlarging at nearly any size, no matter how small, and your device will still fit no matter how thick you are or how thick you get using it.

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